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Activators are active! They love change, diversity, movement and dynamic endeavors more than sedentary or rote tasks. Movement actually gives them more energy. Activators are social beings, but still love their alone time to reboot. The Activator body is designed for movement and quick bursts of energy. They digest food quickly, so it is important to eat frequently.

Activators are independent, adaptable, competitive, determined, dynamic and energized. As natural athletes, muscle definition comes easily to an Activator when they train. An Activator adheres to discipline but likes to be impulsive. They naturally handle improvisation and adapt to most any condition quickly. Activators are quick to react and respond easily to unpredictability.

Activators need to make sure they keep inflammation down because their more reactive bodies tend to have stronger reactions to inflammation, histamines and other irritants to the body. Maintaining a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods as well as anti-oxidants will help keep joints nimble, tendons elastic, muscles strong, tissues healing quickly and organs functioning as they should.

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